Trimming machines spherical cut

Spherical cut blads

Blades for spherical cut

Trimming machine to cut ball plants.

The constant search for ever higher quality standards has led to the demand for trimming machines specifically designed to pruning, trimming and cutting spherical plants and shrubs.

The frequent and constant cutting allows the plant to grow evenly and fill the gaps left by the wild growth.

Our spherical pruners machines, or trimmer or cropping machines, for the ball folliage are adapted to operate in the field and in the greenhouse in the operation of pruning boxwood, bushes, small trees, shrubs, roses, perennials plants, young fruit trees, aromatic and herbs.

We are constantly looking for appropriate solutions to customer satisfaction in terms of ease, speed, consistency and cost-effectiveness of our products.

Our machines can operate on plants in the ground or in pots, with the possibility to bypass one or more lines.

The particular structure of the blade allows you to adjust the curvature of the cutting diameter in few minutes with simple moves.

View our proposal Easy for spherichal cutting to start with RAP 10 for bushes or RAP 11  for bushes and small ball trees.

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Cultivation of boxwoods on the ground

wild buxus coltivation

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