Trimming machine curved

Trimming machine curved model EazyCut 1200 V8 S R3000 and EazyCut 1200 V8 S R1150.

Trimming machine curve blade

Trimming machine curve blade

Basically the systems are suitable for all trimming that is better to do on a curved shape. Both models have a blade length of 1200 mm.

Based on the EazyCut 1200 model, two curved models have been developed, especially for the harvesting of tea, lavender and comparable produce.

We can offer the R3000 model with slight curve (radius 3000 mm) and  the R1150 (radius of 1150 mm).

  • With the R1150 model, the cutting height is around 135 mm higher in the centre of the harvester. This is our “most curved” model.
  • With the less curved R3000 model, the cutting height in the centre is around 62,5 mm higher, so this model is suitable for more “flat crops”.

The curve models have been developed for frame mounting.
The frame for the curved models is slightly modified from the standard frame in a way that you can use the curved models to trim in one or in two flows, dependent of the width of your crop.
We make the frame adjustable to your specifications.

Trimming machine EazyCut

Trimming machine EazyCut

rimming machine EazyCut curve on freme

Trimming machine EazyCut curve on freme

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