Trimmer and transplanter machines for plants and flowers.

Our lines of products:

  • Trimmers horizontal cut with self-sharpening blades,
  • Trimmers to cut to uniform spherical and standardize the production of shrubs and foliage plants in globes or spherical,
  • Automatic transplanters to optimize the processing time,

Our plant trimmer machines are ideal for nurseries to reduce the processing time of pruning and harvesting needed to grow the plants in the nursery stronger and more robust.

Unlike ordinary trimmers or hedge trimmers, normally used for the nursery nostrepotatrici EazyCut are born with the aim of collecting the potato and the potato then make the finished product, not a waste product.

Is for this reason that our pruners for nursery EazyCut have blades made ​​of special steel, durable and self-sharpening to ensure uniformity of cutting in time.

The decision to distribute the Italian pruners for nursery EazyCut stems from the belief that the step of pruning should undergo the same evolution that has suffered in other areas of agriculture such as vineyards.

Read also our beliefs about why you should invest on automation of pruning in the nursery here.

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