Trimming machines linear cut EazyCut

Dettail EazyCut balde

Dettail EazyCut balde

Timming machines linear cut by hand or into frame

A wide range of plant trimmers for seedling trimming.

Very high quality from renowned manufacturers, these machines will trim uniformly and save the cuttings for later re-use

Thanks to the superior quality of cut,

The EazyCut 1200/1600 series are used for pruning of (young) plants in greenhouses and in the beds outside.

Lavender and other herbs, roses, hydrangea, buxus and many other plants can be cut to perfection with this perfect balde.

Especially for the function of cutting and collecting in a single pass allows a great saving of time and a complete cleaning of the crop field.

The handheld EazyCut trimmers offer the best cutting blades (mostly self-sharpening) on the market.

Most models have an integrated blower for 100% collection of the trimmings (perfect for harvesting & re-use of the trimmings).

The lightweight hedge trimmers are easy to handle and hardly need maintenance. The perfect tool for nurseries and landscapers.

EazyCut in greenhouse
EazyCut at work in greenhouse
EazyCut in frame over lines
EazyCut in frame over lines
Trimming machine Rap Eazycut 500
Trimming machine Rap Eazycut 500

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