Cutter machines for young plants in pots and in the field.
Boxus pruned

The pruning of young plants in the nursery is spreading more and more as a technique to enhance the final product, the filling of the canopy made ​​with frequent cuts and uniforms not only has an aesthetic function but strengthens the natural structure of the plant.

New technologies in the garden nursery are increasing the efficiency of processes such as pruning youngpiante in vaso plants to have finished high level of standardization.

We think, propose and realize what is useful to improve the productivity and the quality of job in floriculture and horticulture, by automation.

We are specialized in the distribution and after sales assistant of technology products for plants nursery automation.

Machines pruners, cropping, transplanting, conveyor belts, forklifts, mixing systems and batching soils and additives, control systems and automated selection.

We are constantly at the side of our customers to provide optimized solutions to the specific job.

We are exclusive dealer for Italy of trimming / pruners machines EAZYCUT®.

In this website are represented only some of the solutions that we can offer to our customers, for any other information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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