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Technology and products for the nursery and horticulture, welcome to the website of I2Technology.

I2Technology provides products and services for the automation of horticulture and nursery industry in Italy and worldwide.

Our primary primary objective is to help our valued customers understand how automation can benefit their businesses and provide them with high quality automation solutions, built and supported by superior service.

We provide our clients:

  • engineering in product design integrity in consulting and salesmanship

  • Performance in delivery and installation.

  • Reliability in production equipment.

  • Security in 24 hour availability of professional service

I2Technology is was founded in 2012 by the collaboration of men of long experience in the field of automation.

We are strongly determined to bring advanced technology and products for nurseries and horticulture of the highest quality.

 Through the knowledge and study of the production techniques and working closely with our partners, with the aim to meet your specific needs, we can design and build automated systems “tailor-made” for all the processing stages in the greenhouse and in the field.

Our know-how in manufacturing in Nursery allows us to propose machines and technologies for every phase of production:

  • the preparation of potting soil mixtures,

  • from potting,

  • from pruning in the field or in the greenhouse,

  • handling vessels on tapes or with forklifts,

  • the automatic choice of the finished product

  • to the management of packaging.

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